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Ca-Zn stabilizer for PVC profiles and pipes fitting CS-50
1. Application
Ca-Zn stabilizer CS-50 is Calcium-zinc based stabilizer used for PVC profiles and pipe fittings application.
2. What can CS-50 bring to the PVC profiles and pipe fittings?
A, Excellent thermal stability.
B, No plate-out.
C, Keep the primary colors.
D, Outstanding weatherability.
E, Stable processability and larger processwindow.
F, No pollution to the environment.
G, Endow your recipe with higher dosage of CaCo3 and make your recipe higher cost performance
AppearanceWhite powder
Bulk density0.4-0.5g/cm³
Particle size(40 mesh sieve)≥98.5%
Melting temperature90~150℃
4. Basic recipe
IngredientsRecommended dosage
PVC (K-65)100.00
Ca-Zn stabilizer CS-503.50-4.00
PE wax 0.30
TiO2 (Rutile)4.00
CaCO3 (PCC) 20.00
Processing aid PA-6000.60-0.80
Acrylic impact modifier AIM-502.00-4.00
The recipe is for reference only. For more technical support, please contact our R&D center:tech@pvcadd.com
5. Recommended using:
A,Keep the original formula unchanged. Recommended using dosage 3-5 PHR.
B,Add Lead stabilizer CS-50 together with the PVC resin and other additives into the high-speed mixer.
C,Keep the temperature about 120-124 ℃ for 9 ~ 10minutes.
D, Cooling down the mixed material to normal temperature.
E,Move into extrusion or injection process.
F,If you need to increase and decrease of CaCo3 content or want to adjust the lubrication system, please contact our technical service team: E-mail: tech@pvcadd.com
6.Package and storage
1): 25kg/bag with PP bag and PE inner or Kraft paper bag.
600kg/bag Woven bag.
2): Loading capacity
For 25KG/bag:28 bags/pallet,total 560 bags, 14000KGS.
We can load 15-16mt without pallets.
For 600KG/bag:2 bags/pallet,total 20 bags, 12000KGS.
For 25KG/bag:24bags/pallet,total 1120 bags, 28000KGS.buy Ca-Zn Stabilizer

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